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What is a Mobile Mechanic?

What is a Mobile Mechanic?


Did you know some mechanics make house calls?!


I’m sure if you know what a car is, then you know what, or at least have an idea of what a mechanic is. Along with this idea, I’m sure you associate the idea of a mechanic with the belief you need to take your car to a service center anytime you need a mechanic’s help. Well, I am here to tell you that times are changing, and the option of a mechanic coming to you is now available!!


There have been mobile mechanics offering services for many years, but it is just in the last few that it has really begun to gain popularity as the idea becomes more known.


About 8 out of 10 people I talk to have no idea that there are mobile mechanic services available for them to take advantage of!



100k mile service on a Mustang GT

100k mile service on a Mustang GT


Pros of finding a Mobile Mechanic:


A good mobile mechanic will be able to eliminate your need to go and spend time at a shop for almost all repair services that are needed.

The service that mobile mechanics offer is an awesome option for those who value their time and do not want to deal with the typical time wasted when dealing with the repair shop processes.

A typical visit when I show up to a client’s location consists of a vehicle check-in/inspection, and then I prepare an estimate there on the spot and the client is able to see a transparent list of the needed repairs and will be able to ask questions about anything and not feel pressured like they can feel dealing with a service advisor who is there specifically to make sales. Granted, I love good sales, but I love fixing cars and helping people more.

Having your own trustworthy mechanic now days is a very valuable thing to have, and a mechanic that is mobile adds to that value.

Imagine it’s a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and you have family in town when your Starter fails. Well, the chances of a shop getting it in and out last minute are very slim, so imagine having a mechanic who can come to your house and knock it out there while you go and enjoy your company?

That is the type of scenario I had in mind when first going mobile. I also find it helps people who have to work a lot, or parents who are home with the kids and don’t have time to take a break and load them all up to go to the shop.

I advise looking into the mechanic/company certifications and licensing as well. You do not want to hire someone who is not registered as a business, and you also want to make sure that they have some form of insurance if they are working on your vehicle. I have heard a lot of stories from clients about people they found on Craigslist/Facebook who came and took their money and never finished the job, and of course, these people have not registered as official businesses so it can be nearly impossible to track them down when this happens.


Having a trustworthy mobile mechanic can take so much of the headache factor away from the automotive service and repair process.



4-Wheel Brake Job

4-Wheel Brake Job on a BMW. New Calipers, Lines, Rotors and Pads!

Cons of working with a Mobile Mechanic:


Although there are many positives that come with hiring a mobile mechanic, there are also a few downsides.

The biggest issue is that there are a few jobs that just do not go well being mobile and are best to be performed in a shop environment with a lift (Alignments, Engines, Transmissions, etc). I have pulled engines and transmissions without a lift available, but it usually becomes more work and mess than it was worth. Also, some newer vehicles are limited in how much programming you can perform without dealership level access, so for specialty jobs like that, they need to be taken to the dealer unless the software is obtainable online.

So although mobile mechanics can do a lot, there are a few jobs that have to be passed on to a brick and mortar shop.

Another downside is that certain services may cost more through a mobile service call than if you went to a shop.

Jobs like oil changes are difficult to be profitable while being mobile, so some mobile mechanics will not do them.

Even though I do not make much on an oil change, I will still take the time to do it just so that I can have the opportunity to meet a new client and inspect their vehicle for them to see what else we might need to do on it.

Remember, even though it may be cheaper to take it somewhere else, the added comfort of being able to stay home or keep working instead of sitting in a waiting room can be a big plus. Also, a lot of what you spend extra on some of these small services will be made up in money saved on other repairs down the road. I have seen that most mobile mechanics hourly rate is usually at least 25-30% cheaper than a shop.




As you have seen above, there are definitely options available depending on what you and your vehicle need to be done.


If you decide to go with a mobile mechanic, make sure to spend a little bit of time going through their ratings and reviews to be sure it is someone who seems trustworthy and reliable. There are bad ones out there, but usually reading a few reviews will show if it is somebody you will want to work with.


Also, when working with a mobile mechanic, remember that they most likely work alone, therefore get pretty busy and are not always immediately available. I try to be available for as many emergency situations as I can be, but everything else usually requires booking at least a couple of days in advance. Good service comes in high demand.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will respond asap!


Gabriel G

Adept Automotive


  • Justin says:

    Hello Gabriel, this is really an amazing job if you ask me and it all goes down to how well you want to develop your business and that is the root of any successful business. Being able to go to far places to fix a car would surely earn you better money than just my mechanics and I feel so much can be out into the job to grow.

    • Gabriel G. says:

      Thank you Justin! I am still in the beginning phases of growth, but I am having a lot of fun so far and have seen that there is so much more opportunity out there depending on how far I am willing to travel! 

      Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out any time you have automotive-related questions!

  • Nuttanee says:

    I have never heard of Mobile Mechanics before but I know for the fact that I always have to call my handyman when something breaks, so I guess that in a way is a mobile mechanic. Thanks for reviewing the pros and cons of mobile mechanics. I personally, thank god, never really have to call the hot line when my car breaks but I can see that this can be useful if I need to save time for something minor. I hate it when I have to take my car to the shop and have to find something to do around there without a car. Thanks for the unbiased review. 

    • Gabriel G. says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you were able to learn a little bit about the existence of mobile mechanics. Take care!

  • Nath says:

    Well! It is always a good upgrade than having to go and sit down and wait for the long process of repairing the car. This idea of mobile mechanics is actually a good one and I can resonate better because I have used them once and they appear to be right on the go and good with what they are doing. Honestly, for all you have shared, this us rather a good one to see. Thank you

    • Gabriel G. says:

      Awesome, I am glad you found the article to be useful 🙂

      Mobile mechanics are definitely a game-changer when you find one you can trust!

  • Beesean says:

    The idea of a mobile mechanic is something that will really revolutionise the automotive industry. The option to be able to call on a mechanic from wherever you are especially if you’re in a bind 8s one that I’m sure will be welcomed by every car owner as its hard enough having your car break down on the road but even worse that you have to find an alternative there and then.

  • Imelda says:

    Thank you so much

    Interesting information, and so much detail for others to know about. Your explanations are in depth through the knowledge that you have in this industry.

    I am so pleased that there is still a trade for mobile mechanics whom I believe are worth their weight in gold if you can get a good one. 

    I use a gentleman whom I have know for a number of years and he is brilliant. Even when he cannot do a job he will liaise with other workshops to ensure that I am not “ripped off” and has often taken the car there himself. 

    Overall Mobile Mechanics in my opinion give such a good service that they are definitely worth the money. Look for recommendations from other people to find one is my advice. 

    Great advice

    • Gabriel G. says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and leave some great insight as well.

      After going mobile, I have heard a lot of horror stories from people who have had bad mechanics come out and screw things up even worse, so I definitely agree with you that you should look into the reviews and recommendations that the mechanic can provide.

      Take care!

  • johnny alexander says:

    Thanks to Gabriel I was back driving my car. Polite efficient and very knowledgeable. I’d refer these guys to any friend of mine. And reasonable. His rate was great and I had a discount. Thanks , I’d definitely use you again.

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