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Replacing or Upgrading Daytime Running Lights

Daytime Running Lights


In this article, I am going to show you the process of either replacing or upgrading your daytime running lamp bulbs. Some vehicles are not equipped with DRLs. They are there as a daytime light and not a substitute for your actual headlights. Most DRL bulbs are a pretty simple process to replace, unfortunately, the vehicle I used for this article was one of the more time-consuming replacements, got it done though 🙂


Daytime Running Light

Headlamp Assembly Removed


The Daytime Running Lights are there as an extra safety measure when the vehicle is running even if it is not dark outside. Usually, the DRLs are automatic and will turn on as soon as the vehicle is started and has the parking brake released.


The DRL bulbs in most vehicles are pretty easy to replace, but sometimes it will require you to remove a few parts before you can get enough room to replace it. As seen in the pictures in this article, I had to take out the whole headlamp assembly because my hand was just a little too big to fit in one side haha.


Most light replacements can be done with minimal tools, and if any are needed it will be simple things like screwdrivers or small sockets. Be aware, some headlamps require bumper cover removal to get the housing out, so make sure you look into the process before starting to tear anything apart.


Blown Bulb

Example of burned/opened Bulb Filament


Daytime Running Light Upgrade

Old VS New

There are a lot of different replacement options alongside the stock options, so look around and find something you like. The bulbs I used were an LED upgrade from the factory DRL bulbs.


Daytime Running Light

Inside of Headlamp



Above you can see the opening into the headlamp assembly. The small hole on the bottom is where the DRL bulb is mounted, I had it removed in the picture. Most bulbs usually twist and lock into place pretty easily. Sometimes they will put up a bit of a fight. If things get frustrating, take a break a breathe, don’t get upset and end up breaking something by using too much force.


Jetta Headlamp


Below you will see the final result. Both new lights installed and working great! Now on to a headlight upgrade next!!


Daytime Running Lights

New Lights in and working great!

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