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How to replace an Engine Air Filter

How to replace an air filter:


Replacing an air filter is one of the easiest jobs that we can do by ourselves. It usually requires removing a few clips and removing the air filter housing to gain access to the filter, sometimes they are held in place with a few screws as well.


Engine Air Filter Clean vs Dirty


It is important to keep a clean air filter installed on the vehicle, as that is what allows it to breathe, and if the filter gets plugged it starts to cut off air from the engine, and that can lead to bad gas mileage as well as all sorts of driveability issues.


Air filter housing with screws/clips highlighted



To replace the filter: Open the hood and locate the air filter housing, remove the retaining clips/screws and set aside, loosen upper filter housing from intake assembly and set aside for access, remove the filter and pay attention to the installation as some can be directional, and you don’t want to install those backwards!


Reinstall everything in reverse order, and make sure any sensors are plugged back in before you turn the key on to prevent any engine trouble codes from setting.


Another option that you can look at is an aftermarket intake kit. Some vehicles can gain pretty impressive horsepower improvements by simply swapping the intake and filter assembly. There are many options out there if you look around a little bit!


I hope this has helped you understand how easy it can be to replace your air filter!


As always, have fun and stay safe!!


  • Abir says:

    An air filter is most important for best engine performance. Engine need fresh air for compression inside the engine. That’s why we must need to change air filter when needed. Most people Don’t know how to change air filter, this article very important& useful for people who Don’t know how to change air filter. 

    Thanks for sharing this informative article with us…                       

  • Stephen Peter Jones says:

    Hi There,

    I like your straight to the point website about changing an ait filter. I bet you could go around the whole engine and write a post about each job that we can learn to make our cars run better. I have a nice car and it needs a service but it gets so expensive as my car is quite rare here in the UK. Thanks for showing me how to change an air filter I will be back to see whats the next job in car care. 


  • Sonny says:

    That is the most clogged up air filter I’ve ever seen! lol! I don’t think it’s ever been replaced or maybe the driver drove on the Sahara desert! 

    I remember 15 years ago back home in Manila, air filters are usually cleaned with a pressurized air hose with every oil change and only gets replaced when it really has to be. But strangely, spark plugs are replaced with every oil change at 5,000 kms. Now in Canada, I’ve only replaced my spark plugs once at 100k

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